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Call us: 1-855-5-BESTFIX Same Day Service Available

Michael J.

Art was extraordinary. Super punctual, super smart, super nice, and even talked me OUT of a repair job, which would have netted him $800 (instead advised me to buy a new refrigerator, all things considered). Highest recommendation! 🙂

Eric E.

Art showed up today, was very professional, very good at explaining what he was doing in simple terms, knew exactly what needed to be done and get our oven working in just a few minutes. I couldn’t believe it, I was ready to give up hope. I will 100% be calling Art the next time I have an issue with any appliance in my house.

John C.

My LG dryer wasn’t warming, so I called Best and explained my issue to Art. He listened patiently, gave some safety advice and even suggested some trouble shooting tips before he came out. This is HONEST business and consumers need to know! Prices seem very reasonable, my dryer is working again and this is now my go to guy for any appliance repairs. I highly recommend.

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