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Call us: 1-855-5-BESTFIX Same Day Service Available

Mark Freedman, Director of Residences for Michael Bay
As the Director of Residences for Michael Bay it is with sincere gratitude I thank Art and the team at Best Equipment Repair Service on behalf of myself and the Bay Team. An appliance distributor provided me their contact to service a unique appliance that had gone unserviceable for years. That’s distributor said there were only two companies in So Cal capable of servicing this unit. I happened to call the other repair company first. That said they have been the ONLY service company I’ve called since. They fixed what no one else had been able to. With that became and remain a key member of my most trusted vendors list.From moment one they stood out at extremely competent, responsive and reliable. Whether the Estates under my oversight or my own personal home, the team responds with urgency and takes every job seriously and with professionalism. They receive my highest level of recommendation to any person who is seeking a professional, talented and honest appliance service vendor.